Contact Us

Pastor:  Father Perron Joseph Auve


Office Number:   (509)735-8558

If a priest is needed outside office hours, call 509-736-7543.


Parish Staff:

   Bookkeeper         Philline Go      735-8558 

   Secretary          Debbie Forgette       735-8558

   Parish Community Center Coordinator               

                          Michele Umemoto    735-1743

Faith Formation:

   Pre-school to 5th Grade    Pat Moore          735-8558

   6th to 8th Grades            Pat Moore          735-8558

   9th to 12th Grades          Pat Moore          735-8558

   Life Teen Coordinator      Russ Haffner      430-8680

   Life Teen Coordinator      Joe Schroeder    783-2229             

   Rite for the Christian Initiation of Adults 

                                        Dru Squires     (509) 551-2112

Ministers of Music:

   5:00 p.m. Mass    Julianne Barnaby     735-2163

   9:30 a.m. Mass    Jean McDonald        586-1784

   5:00 p.m. Mass    Perry Kelly              735-8558

   Children’s Choir    Paula Bachelor        375-9019  

Parish Ministries:

   Wives in Prayer                     Megan Demarest     628-8776    

   Welcoming Committee           Michele Umemoto   735-1743

   PCC Nursery                         Wynona Vaz           628-0754

   Ministry to Sick and Shut-Ins  Parish Office           735-8558

   Moms and Friends                 Diana Henderson    783-3160

   Bible Study                           Mary Beth Casazza 783-3165

   Women’s Group                    Shirley Wardrobe    374-1981

Ministries of Worship:

   Scheduler for Liturgical Ministers    Trish Feeney    627-0228

   Eucharistic Adoration                     Liz Friedrich     783-6223

   Prayer Line                                   Adele Ogryzek  627-0201

   Altar Server Training                     

 Councils and Committees:

   Parish Council                     Jim Carey                627-0321

   Finance Council                    Doug Siron             440-1978

   Stewardship                        Camille Henneberry  366-5426

   Voice of the Spirit                 Dieter Bohrmann         734-8093

   Parish Library                       Ann Stevens           396-2723

   Vocation Committee               

Charter Organizations:

   Catholic Daughters               Lucy Razor            539-2403

   Knights of Columbus            Sonny Trenti            735-3843                           

   St. Vincent de Paul              Message line            591-0632

   Scout Troop #275               Tony DeGuia           554-8221

Natural Family Planning:         Christine Disselkamp     628-8810